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It Is More Likely to Cause uremia for PKD Patients Taking Wrong Medicines

2016-12-05 08:03

It Is More Likely to Cause uremia for PKD Patients Taking Wrong MedicinesMiss Zhang is a new patient in our hospital. One day in September last year, she felt very tired and feel weak all over. So she went to hospital and took a medical test. The results said that she was suffering from PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) and doctors asked her stay in hospital and take a treatment. However, she said that she need to go back home and consider about it. One of her friend told her there was a health care products can help her to cure the disease with out any operation or medicine. She believed it and costed so much money to buy the product. It was really pity that her condition did not get better ant all. When she take a second test in hospital. It was really shocked her. She has pass the best treatment time and the new result said they her disease have developed into uremia.

PKD may caused by gene, there are also some other causes. If the disease can be treat in time. It can be cured very well. And now there is no any treatment can cure uremia. She can only solve the problem by dialysis or kidney transplant. However, all the two options have so many side effects and need too much money.

And now she ask for help in ourPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, and the experts make a treatment plan according to her condition. After one month, her condition has been improved very well and do not need to take dialysis or kidney transplant any more. However, the uremia still can now be cured. She said she will keep taking the treatment of Chinese medicine and hope that her disease can be cured one day.

Once we find kidney disease, it is best to take a treatment in hospital and do not believe any mess medicine. If you have any kidney problems. Please leave a message below or chat with online doctors. We will give you a satisfied answer.

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