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How to Lower High Creatinine Naturally

2015-07-15 09:16

How to lower high creatinine naturallyFor patients with kidney failure, they are very prone to high creatinine level. How to lower high creatinine naturally is a concern for them. As for their concern, we will give some useful and helpful advice here.

Prior to the point, it is also necessary for us to understand how creatinine elevates in kidney failure.

Creatinine is a byproduct when muscles metabolize, which belongs to wastes and gets removed from body through kidney filtration. Kidney failure makes kidney function decrease, affecting kidney filtration. Thus, creatinine can not be eliminated from body as normal people, resulting in high creatinine level by the time. In clinic, creatinine is also used as an important indicator to judge kidney function.

Now let’s see natural ways to lower creatinine.

1. diet changes

patients with high creatinine should avoid animal products which are the leading source of creatinine, like meat and dairy. Some medicines used for muscle growth also contain creatinine. In addition, they should have a low protein, low sodium, low phosphorus, low potassium diet in daily life. If swelling is serious, controlling water is needed.

2. good habits and lifestyle

patients with creatinine should develop good habits, limiting or avoiding smoking, alcohol and staying up. Taking some proper exercise helps lower creatinine well, which gets wastes and toxins in body from body and enhance immunity. Positive attitude is very significant, and it gives us confidence and power to fight kidney failure.

3. Chinese medicines

Chinese medicine is derived from natural plant or herbs without any side effects on patients. Chinese medicine is very easy to operate, such as medical bath, patients just need to lie down in bath. The principle of Chinese medicine to treat kidney failure is repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function by preventing inflammation, promoting blood circulation, inhibiting coagulation.

These three natural ways to treat high creatinine are very effective for kidney failure. It is highly recommended for patients with high creatinine level. If you have any question or doubt about these, welcome to contact our online doctor or leave a message freely.

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